Hi, I’m Moselle a digital marketing strategist, business coach and entrepreneur.

With two business degrees from Oxford, England, and twenty years of marketing experience, I bring a unique diversity of knowledge and skills. My innovative blend of coaching and mentoring helps entrepreneurs elevate their businesses.  My tailored digital marketing solution offers business owners the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they do best.


  • Digital Marketing – strategy, planning, content creation, social media, newsletters and websites
  • Coaching & Mentoring – find clarity, set goals, be held accountable and get stuff done
  • Business Strategy – dive deep into your target market and value proposition

As an entrepreneur, I understand firsthand that it takes courage, motivation and tenacity to succeed.

Following your dreams is a massive undertaking!

I love to work with clients who are committed and ready to take that next step to elevate their business. I help passionate entrepreneurs who care about more than the bottom line stay on track.

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Moselle Dibdin Local Element Founder. Located in Canmore, Alberta